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Moving Companies and Free Moving Quotes Online

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International Moving

Planning Your International Move

As soon as you know that you're going to be moving overseas, contact your international moving company.

In addition, begin to think about separating items to be sold, stored, disposed of, given away, moved by sea, moved by air or delivered to another family member before your departure. You should have a clear idea about these categories before completing the pre-move survey.

As you approach moving day, think about which items will accompany you as you travel to the new destination, specifically travel papers, immediate clothing, passports, medical documentation and records, family papers, valuables, jewelry, medication, school records, etc.

Timely preparation is the key ingredient to a successful international move. You should contact your international mover approximately seven to ten weeks prior to your intended date of departure. This will allow sufficient time to confirm documentation requirements, pre-book international transportation services and pre-advise the destination agent of the forthcoming international shipment.

 It's important that you verify the credentials of any moving company, but particularly for an international move.

Your representative should be able to describe every aspect of your forthcoming international move. This should include all services; packing, crating, transit times, insurance, unpacking, storage and customer service capabilities.

The representative should be able to advise you of the different shipping options available to your overseas destination, as well as making an accurate estimate of the volume and weight of your shipment. In addition, you should be given an overview of the paperwork that will be required, information on the company selected to deliver your possessions in the destination country and advice on how to prepare for the international move.

Within a day or two of completion of the pre-move survey, the moving company should provide you with a written estimate that explains the level of service to be provided and confirms the recommended shipping option.

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Moving Companies and Moving Quotes Online

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